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Thunderbird-Native American Indian Dancers

Mon, November 18, 2019
Queens College 65-30 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, NY 11367

Native Americans share their traditions with your students through stories, songs and dance as part of a Thanksgiving celebration. This performance helps students to understand & appreciate the culture and contributions of Native–Americans.

Thunderbird’s repertoire includes the traditional Fancy Dance, Old Time Dance and Women’s Dance, as well as a variety of other distinct regional tribal dances.

Through the rhythms and movements of authentic traditional Iroquois dances and songs the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers invite students to discover the rich cultural legacies alive among today’s Native Americans. Students will learn about the clothing, musical instruments and customs of many tribes.

Don’t miss out this special treat for Thanksgiving Celebration.

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, History, Multi-Cultural, Music, Dance, Theater, Arts

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