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Journey to Africa-Music. Dance. Drum Ensemble

Tue, December 17, 2019
Lehman College 250 Bedford Park Blvd. West, Bronx, NY 10468

Journey to Africa with our guests from AFRICA & BRAZIL!

Students are invited to take a musical journey into African influenced rhythms and dances originating in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, a region known for custom deeply rooted in the traditions and spirituality of ancestral Africa.

African dance, traditional songs, and drumming take center stage in a powerful and educational performance that celebrates the beauty of African culture.

The stories, dances and music that make each culture unique can travel with people across oceans to other parts of the world. When thousands of Africans were forcibly taken to Brazil and other parts of South America during enslavement, the musical instruments they played, foods they ate, and traditions they celebrated became part of daily life in Brazil. The challenges that faced early Afro-Brazilians also influenced their culture, as seen in the beautiful dance and martial art known as Capoeira. Using representative songs and instruments, Nego Gato Music and Dance presents a range of African-Brazilian dances with accompanying music. All are accompanied by live percussion and traditional instruments making for an exciting and engaging performance.

Students will learn African roots, culture and rhythm, greetings, songs, musical instruments and history of the music.

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, History, Multi-Cultural, Music & Musical Instruments, Dance, Theater, Arts, Physical Education

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