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North Pole Nonsense & Dancing Snowman

Tue, December 12, 2017
Queensborough PAC 222-05 56th Avenue, Bayside, NY 11364

North Pole Nonsensea Children’s Christmas Show is a holiday show full of acrobatic antics, a giant polar bear, glow in the dark lighting bugs and a dancing Snowman. Let the marching wooden soldiers melt your heart while attempting great aerial skills, but the dancing Santas steal the show. A cast of six, includes aerial, dance, ground acrobatics for a good old fashion Christmas.

Join us on a visit to the North Pole, to Santa’s workshop, where you will meet Santa’s silly elves!  The elves will bring you fun, laughter, dance, magic, amazing circus skills, puppets and more!  From building toys and wrapping presents, to decorating the Christmas tree and snow ball fights, the elves will show you the magic of the season!  

But, there is danger that lurks up in the North Pole.  Be sure to watch out for the Bah-Hum-Bugs!  Bah-Hum-Bugs are small, furry, little round creatures who chew up presents and wrapping paper and eat all of your Christmas cookies.  They are armless but dangerous!  If you catch a case of the Bah-Hum-Bugs, they will steal your Christmas Spirit and if left untreated, will turn you into a Scrooge!  But never fear! The elves know how to take care of them-by spreading Christmas Cheer far and wide!

North Pole Nonsense is topped off by a visit from Santa himself!  The show is full of magic and wonder will leave you full of Christmas Spirit! 

Curriculum Connections: Music, Arts, Theater, Dance, Acrobatics, Team Work, Health, Fitness